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Poinsettia Care Tips

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "how do I care for my poinsettia."  It's a great question!

Personally my home decorating isn't complete until I have the perfect poinsettia on my table.  I love choosing the shape and colour each year- even though I see a huge greenhouse full of them, the beauty never fades. 

We grow many different varieties of poinsettias.  Did you know there are hundreds of varieties of red?  We carefully chose best ones for our customers.  We aim to have an early variety for early to mid November sales and later varieties for December sales.  Buying an early variety such as "Christmas eve"  doesn't mean it won't last until Christmas, it just means it's ready when you are!  Choose a poinsettia with a height, shape and colour to your liking. The bloom is actually the cyathia- which isn't the coloured bract, it's the yellow part in the centre of the plant.  These should be visible when buying your poinsettia.  They do eventually fall out, and your flower will still have a long life, but buying with the cyathia still intact means you are buying a very fresh pot!  We will help you chose the perfect potcover for your plant and wrap it in a protective sleeve.  This will help with weather and breakage.  Poinsettias are actually a tropical plant native to Mexico- so they don't like the cold!  Be careful not to place them in an unheated vehicle or take them for a long walk.  They can freeze VERY quickly!  Once you get home it's time to cut the sleeve off and choose the perfect spot.  The preferred home temperature is 65-72 degrees .  Keep plants away from a cold draft or warm vent.  Bright, indirect sunlight will help keep the bracts from fading in colour.  Now for watering!  Poinsettias like to be kept moist to the touch.  The top of the soil can dry out moderately, but be careful not to let it dry too much!  This will cause leaf curl and dropping.  Water with a watering can or cup and make sure the plant is never sitting in water. This can quickly cause root rot which can also lead to leaf dropping.  Be consistent with watering and you will have a very long life with your plant. 

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Sheila Holm
April 24, 2017
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