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October 13 2016

Welcome to our website!  Thank you for reading our blogs:)  I hope you will enjoy reading about what we're up to here!   We have just finished another fall season.  This one was particularily interesting.  Due to the above seasonal temperatures all summer long, our mum field had about a 2 week delay.  Normally mums set their buds in early July- BUT this year every day over 28-30 degrees celcius set them back slightly.  While we do grow early, mid and late varieties, we like to see some colour early August,  but Mother Nature had a different agenda.  I feel that even though people may not have been in a "Fall" mood- being so hot and humid can also be very hard on annuals.  So yes, we did feel the heat affected some business this year.  Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to encourage blooming!  Our mums are all grown on a beautiful 10 acre field.  This way we are able to keep the size consistant, the plants strong and give our customers the longest lasting plants possible!  Sunshine and rain are the best growing tools.  Stay tuned for some fall tips for your garden! 



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Sheila Holm
April 24, 2017
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